The Moon and the Stars

The Moon and the Stars

Throughout the numerous ages and eras of humanity – from the very beginning of time, thought and perception itself – the striking question has prevailed. Where do we come from? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the concept of conception itself, rather the origins of our life. There are many, many, many different theories and presumptions about the beginnings of our life, some of which are religion-based, and some of which are science-based. Even taking a more scientific approach will eventually lead to the ultimate question – how did it all begin?


Belief is an integral part of our society, whether it’s rooted in the traditional or the contemporary, without it the current world wouldn’t be the same. The concept of belief lies within a range, as you can have belief in a political party – which would be expressed in the sense that their ideas resonate with you. Or you could have believed in the activity of manifestation – where if you think about and want something enough, the universe will give it to you. As demonstrated, belief comes in many different forms, so it’s fair to say that everybody believes in something.


Some may think that humans are a result of the work of God, whereas some may think that we are the evidence of evolution and the Big Bang. Both theories have loopholes and issues, as you can always ask yourself, ‘well what came first?’. Scientifically, what created the Big Bang surely couldn’t have been that huge of a coincidence. It didn’t just happen on its own, or did it? One ‘wrong move’ and this entire universe would be completely different, perhaps not even exist at all. So, therefore, one might ask – what started, and controlled the specific movements which led to the largest phenomenon/miracle to ever exist? Next you could ask, well if there is a God, where did He come from? Is that not the same question as what comes with the Big Bang? – What started all of this off?


Thinking about the intricacies and beauty within our world makes it hard to believe that it’s a result of sheer coincidence, but seeing the evidence and artefacts which prove the existence of evolution and scientific creation says otherwise. Some of the most thought-provoking questions in philosophy create complexities beyond the comprehension of the basic human mind. How would you respond if someone said that history and fate are the same force, just in different directions?


Looking upon the moon and the stars at night is a magical, almost ethereal feeling. That same moon was looked upon by your ancestors, and their ancestors, for the centuries before you, and for centuries to come. The way that the gravitational power of the moon pulls and controls the tides in the sea has a beautiful, almost poetic stance, and I once read somewhere that it’s a result of a romantic longing between the two.