How Market Intelligence Empowers Sales Teams

MArket-driven data companies elevate the conversation to focus on real-life problems and unmet customer needs, deepening relationships and value

Marketing Intelligence (MI) is the everyday information that is  gathered and analysed specifically for accurate and confident decision making. Using MI, companies can gain valuable insight into how to growth their business by deepening and aligning their strategic decisions. 


These exercises are often carried out to determine market opportunities, market penetration strategies and market development metrics, including specific metrics for business realignment, profiling and purposes.

MI is necessary when entering a foreign market, as MI can help businesses determine the necessary information required for strategic decision making and insight-driven investments, typically through carefully sourcing, selecting and searching environments and (evidence-based data services) and delivers better decision making with precision and market-relevant information.

Now there are several MI software choices and options available in the market today and they can be easily deployed using an on-premises or software as a service, or any such cloud-based models, as these systems take data from disparate data sources, like web analytics, business intelligence, call centre and sales data which often comes separate reports and puts them into a single environment.

However, to collect good, business change leaders must be in constant touch with relevant books newspapers and trade publications, they must talk to various stakeholders, like customers, distributors and suppliers.  In addition to this, they must also monitor social media and carry out several different exercises to gather intelligence.

Business change leaders can design reports that correlate and visualise data coming from a variety of departments and sources, even in some cases external data.  This allows them to see current key performance indicators, in real-time or as quickly as sources provide data and analyse trends rather than wait for analysts to deliver periodic reports.


MI systems are designed to be used by business managers and often viewed by employees throughout an organisation.


 Department for measuring market share and setting growth targets the mergers and acquisitions group for exploring acquisition opportunities the legal Department to protect the organisation’s assets or research and development for cross-company comparison of innovation trends and the discovery of opportunities through innovative differentiation steps to be taken by a company to improve its marketing intelligence one train and motivate sales force accompanies Salesforce can be an excellent source of information about the current trends in the market they are the intelligence gatherers for the company the acquired facts can be regarding the company’s market offerings whether any improvements are required or not or is there any opportunity for new products can also provide a credible source to know about competitor activities, consumers distributors and retailers to motivate distributors, retailers and other intermediaries to pass along important intelligence.

Overall, International corporate markets are in deep change right now in the way that sales are made in the business to business environment corporates continue to look for deeper and more reliable data in order to understand how the system business environment is structured in order to understand how channels to market and changing and how supply chains are re organising themselves traditional market data as proved to be inadequate for these purposes as we need to know precisely where available market is and how it works .

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