Your customers have changed.

Have you?

How do you connect with customers at a time of rapid, irreversible change?


We drive a customer-centric sales cycle by using:

  • Market data in evidence
  • A suite of sales training
  • Selected automation and reporting systems


The result: a first-class pool of sales professionals equipped with advanced sales intelligence, customer behaviour and psychology insights and automated processes at their fingertips so they can pursue new opportunities and deliver faster return on investment.

We provide a clear roadmap to navigate automating sales processes, optimising revenue execution and planning for the future so you can seize the opportunities ahead.


We believe the customer sales experience is the route to revenue growth. This is why we help our clients connect with their consumers at each stage of the sales cycle.


We host one-to-one and group sessions using our custom programme developed and delivered with our training partners. Our training provides sales teams with the knowledge and competencies to drive revenue leadership including executive sales engagement and closure as well as the latest customer sales experience skills.


Thanks to our extensive partner network, we can deliver best-of-breed resources from global martech and salestech leaders. Based on careful evaluation of the services that you need, we will help you integrate skills and expertise from our partners that drive revenues today, while building a resilient sales practice for the future. 


Our philosophy is clear. Start simple as you get to know the technology and resources that you need for the future. Then, over time, build a sophisticated sales practice based on the Marketai framework. This will help you focus the sales conversation on real-life problems and unmet customer needs, deepening the value of these relationships. At the same time, we ensure that innovation always supports the fundamentals of the business: cost optimization, revenue generation and improved closure rates.

Complimented by our MAI. Human movement, we deliver

global brand experiences.

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Working With us

Marketai collaborates with a global partner network that combines best leadership practices from technology, consulting and data sources.  We work with these specialist partners to deliver refined and enriched human-led experiences which ensure the delivery of sales excellence.


Artificial intelligence isn’t a choice anymore. The way you deploy it is

Based at the National Innovation Centre of Data, Marketai takes every opportunity to work with the academic resources and innovators in our network in order to keep abreast of evolving markets, including the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation in sales. 

We always stress that AI is not a replacement for human intelligence, but rather it augments the intelligence of your best people. We only deploy such solutions where they enhance human skills, including the ability of sales staff and executives to focus on closures and deliver customer-centric sales results.


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