Evaluate Intelligence
in the age of automation?

The modern consumer has changed. The internet and digital disruptions have changed the way in which people evaluate brands and products when they make buying decisions. Every brand has the right to explore their market opportunities and engage with their customers across their journeys.We focus on the human centric application of sales process management.

Marketai uses technology ‘intelligently’ to enable sales staff and executives to focus on closures and customer centric sales excellence. Empowering revenue generation with MA. I Humans.

Our unique partnerships bring added digital evaluation capabilities. Coupled with our sales pre-work we bring human sales experiences in the automation of sales.

The power of social selling


Of B2B buying decisions are influenced by social media and digital channels.


Of C-level and VP-level buyers are influenced by social media when purchasing


Of B2B consumers conduct more than half of their research online before making a purchase


Of B2B consumers conduct more than half of their research online before making a purchase

"73% of B2B buyers say that they want the customer experience to resemble that of a B2C company "

Accenture 2019

The Marketai method maintains an active and diligent balance between sales automation and executors for closure excellence. During the meteoric rise of machine learning applications, it is critical to maintain the human-AI balance for steady and sustained sales and customer excellence.

We know all about the power of experiences and work with customers who want to be treated like humans, not numbers. Human-centric sales engagement means working towards a unified view of every customer. By bringing together data across marketing, sales, service, commerce, finance and IT to deepen sales process (opportunity) management. Our developments focus on immersive and emerging technologies to improve economic systems across businesses.

“82% of customers will share relevant information about themselves in exchange for connections between their digital and in-person experiences”

Forester 2019

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