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Marketai maintains an active and balanced use of technology from leaders in advanced AI led social tools. We have an exclusive business partnership with Grapevine6 to enable us to deliver digital sales experiences. We focus on empowering workforces with the necessary tools and resources to accelerate theirsales-prework in simplifying journeys to deepen insights, intelligence and expertiseto improve the EXPLORE stages of sales.
Helping Customers to connect with brands through developing contextual, relevant and industry led practices (aided with AI).
Launched in2013,Grapevine6 uses artificial intelligence to provide the content that moves sales opportunities through the pipeline in a more efficient and effectiveway.
The company was recently designated a Leader by Forrester in The Forrester NewWave™: Sales Social Engagement Tools, Q2 2019.
Grapevine6 is a patented content engagement platform that accelerates sales and marketing efforts.
Grapevine6 solves the content challenges faced in deploying employee advocacy, content marketing and social selling, and works with existing sales and marketing investments to increase ROI
Headquartered in Toronto and led by an award-winning team of engineers,Grapevine6 is now powering the global social selling program at some of the largesttechnology and financial services companies in the world



A smarter way to sell


Get your sales team working smarter and faster with artificial intelligence. Grapevine6 analyzes the interests and posts on their personal digital profile then picks the best content on the web based on that profile. Your sales people choose which of the selected articles to share. Grapevine6 automatically schedules the content to post on their social accounts and digital channels or they can share it one-to-one.

Our convenient mobile app is a time saver for busy professionals who can post whenever they want, wherever they are.





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Digital selling just got a whole lot simpler!

Simple scheduling

Your agents decide what content they want to schedule we do the rest. Our system's sophisticated intelligence determines the optimal time and date to publish to get maximum reader impact.

Talk their language

Personal by sharing content in their audience's own language. Grapevine6 curates content in six different languages, so your team can break down barriers and build trust every time they share.

Leads that get results

Leads are automatically added to your organization's CRM system as potential prospects so your team can manage and nurture them until they are qualified for sales outreach.

Social selling playbook

Utilising artificial intelligence to match the most related content to the needs of its proposed audience, from the world's most authoritative publishers.

Capitalise on your own content

Position your organization as an industry thought leader by adding expert content from your leadership to the mix

Opportunities that lead somewhere

Help your sales team turn cold calls into warm, engaging conversations. Opportunities identified from high-net-worth, money-in-motion news and events are packaged and routed directly to your team for action.

Over 90% of Top Salespeople Use Social Tools to Drive Sales Closure, LinkedIn 2018

Solutions For Your Industry

Finally, a digital selling solution fit for your industry



Bank customers today find it difficult to differentiate one bank from another. Every bank says they are about the relationship and providing value-add advice, but do you give your front line mortgage reps, business banking advisors, and private banking and investment professionals the tools they need to really stand out from the rest? Grapevine6 provides bank advisors with personalized, meaningful, relevant, value-add content that can be used to build and deepen client relationships.


Technology and Software


By 2020, it was predicted that 80% of B2B purchases will be made with zero human contact- Forester 2019. Even if this was accurate and turned to be true, who is effectively managing the top 20% (Pareto Law) of top line revenue? And within the 80% how do organizations continue to develop and maintain a Human AI balance from  sales automation to revenue excellence through customer centric engagements.


89% of top sales professional considering networking platforms as very important to closing deals, this number is expected to grow beyond 95% in 2020 through new digital technologies and community developments

Social Selling Business Case

Our practice continues to transform business change leaders with the necessary tools, resources and techniques to deliver social empowerment. Studies continue to show that 56% of top in sales leaders establish prospect engagement management to drive revenue leadership.The Marketai method blends Human Centric Sales Excellence into Prospect Engagement Management for critical monetisation of products and services.

We expect each of the people we train in social selling to be able to make (if they do what we say) at least one additional meeting per week.  Let’s assume that 4 of those meetings turn into proposals and you close 1 of those proposals.  That means you are closing one additional deal per quarter.  If your average deal size is $100,000, then each sales person is closing an additional $400,000 per year.  The sales team of 10 will create $4 million additional revenue per annum.  This isn’t a one off, this is every year. Forever!

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