Events in 2020 have turned the business world on its head

Without the sales intelligence to navigate this turbulent environment,your business risks falling behind or even going under

Led by Professor Agnis Stibe, our leadership webinar will show you how to unlock sustainable transformation in your sales teams by combining the latest training, tools and technology:

  • Boost the potential of your sales teams with training based on the latest advances in social psychology and neuroscience.
  • Identify and remove unresolved barriers to change.
  • Learn how the latest AI sales tools can accelerate the sales cycle from market intelligence and growth opportunities, to closure and revenue growth.
  • Realize the opportunities of digital transformation and social media in the sales force.


Places are limited for this invitation only event



One of the world’s leading specialists in personal and professional transformation Professor Agnis Stibe established his reputation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

His groundbreaking research into business and personal behaviour is based on activating and coordinating transformation at a business, team and individual level.

With a focus on human and artificial intelligence, social
psychology and neuroscience, he has helped businesses
and employees worldwide achieve sustainable
transformation and personal growth

Stibe, A. (2020). Change Masters: Using the Transformation Gene to Empower Hyper-Performance at Work. Journal of Global Information Technology Management,  [PDF]

Rise above the chaos

Business acceleration and societal wellbeing can be achieved through carefully designed innovations that successfully blend technological advancements with human nature.

During the webinar we’ll explore the eight proven components that enable your people and your business to rise above chaos and complexity to achieve professional and personal fulfilment


Places are limited for this invitation only event