MarketAI works with kMatrix to power sales with evidence-based data intelligence to improve the modern customer experience journey.  Together we empower leaders with necessary data metrics to help them accelerate market growth opportunities, engage and evaluate seamlessly with intelligence and finally close on revenue with increased sales accuracies. 


kMatrix is a data house with over 30 years of expertise, they specialise in providing evidential data for business modelling and analysis on a multi-sectoral basis. 


Providing back room services to the likes of Deloitte and PWC amongst others in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, US and the EU for sectoral analysis and due diligence for sectoral development and investment.


We also provide our business and technology profiling services through these channels to market, as well as direct to universities for technology spinouts and individual businesses for development purposes. 


Further customers include government departments such as BEIS, Home Office and various local and regional government department


So Why The Marketai Sales Intelligence?

Internally consistent global research based upon market intelligence sources and rules rather than national statistics, that can be used to measure economic sectors that are not well represented by Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes or industry bodies.

The practice encourages the use flexible-adaptable data structures with multiple levels of detail (profiles) and multiple measures for benchmarking competitiveness and identifying international markets and market opportunities.


three distinctive approaches to industrial sector analysis.





Lead With:  The multi-sourced approach – has the advantage of being flexible, rapid, objective and can operate in areas where the above two approaches either do not exist or are poorly aligned. The limitations are that this approach is not directly comparable with traditional statistics (numbers have to be created, not just collected), is inherently complex and requires mapping to and reporting out through SIC or ISIC codes if a direct comparison is required.



Amplify With: The national statistical approach – can be generic, slow moving, structurally rigid and objective as befits its role as a national scorekeeper. It has longevity, consistency and credibility and a widely experienced base of analysts and users familiar with its interpretation and application. But it suffers the limitations and inaccuracies of self-classification against a list of generic product/service descriptions leading to an inherent level of inaccuracy.



Execute With: The Trade/Industry approach – generally has the advantage of agreed sector boundaries (that may be different to SIC definitions), higher levels of accuracy within those boundaries (is internally consistent) and some benchmark standards for performance against competing nations and their flagship companies (can be outwardly focused). The limitations are that data collected in this way takes many years to achieve consistency and credibility, is only available where strong associations exist, is subjective (collected and reported for the benefits of its membership) and are inherently conservative or self-interested.





services we provide

Our reputation is for providing critical competitive business and market intelligence that meet complex client needs. UK/US financial markets recognise us as Competent Persons (accredited  experts) for due diligence on land and technology-based investment proposals.

Economic Intelligence

In our work for the public sector we transform economic and business data into actionable intelligence and programmes of business support to improve competitive performance both in domestic and international markets.

Sector Based Research

Our work with the public sector includes national, regional, local government and industry bodies for multiple industrial sectors, particularly Low Carbon, Renewable Energy, Environmental, Digital Media, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Aerospace, Space, Security, Advanced Materials, the Built Environment, Carbon Markets and Marine.

Corporate Development

Corporate Growth.
Corporate Diversification.
Consolidation. Corporate Recycling.

Investment Appraisal

We provide an independent appraisal of the technological, market, product or operational opportunities and risks associated with an investment prospect.

Market Intelligence

We provide public, private and financial sector clients. We assemble, calculate and analyse competitive data on markets, sales, imports, exports and growth for all of the major global economies at a detailed product/ service level for each of our key industries and sectors.

Technology Assessment

multi- source and multi- factor analysis for decision making about the development and commercialization of technology. We provide affordable, timely and evidenced competitive market intelligence for commercial decision making, resource allocation and risk management.

Business Recycling

This is designed to offset the negative impacts of corporate down-sizing or re-location on regional economies by finding alternative business applications for the threatened skills, technology base and real estate.

Public Sector Commercialisation

kMatrix works closely with public sector agencies to assist with the process of commercialisation,increased revenue generation and improved competitiveness.

Benefits of using KMatrix and Marketai

Affordable, timely and evidenced results for commercial decision making, resource allocation and risk management by applying:

Benefits of using KMatrix and Marketai

Analytical processe

Analytical processes appropriate to each stage of the commercialisation process

Detailed knowledge

Detailed knowledge of technology lifecycles/ adoption / substitution performance

Highly targeted intelligence

Highly targeted intelligence about a wide range of global markets and their trends

Deep knowledge

Deep knowledge of industrial competitive performance and industrial benchmarking

Proven techniques

Proven techniques for quantifying and qualifying technology, market and financial risk

Proven process

Proven process for analysing the corporate performance of competitors or licensees

Social Selling Business Case

Our practice continues to transform business change leaders with the necessary tools, resources and techniques to deliver digital sales experience with intelligence.

Studies continue to show that 56% of top in sales leaders establish prospect engagement management to drive revenue leadership. 

Comprehensive market intelligence

sales, number of companies, employees, exports, imports, market, forecast growth rates, new product sales, average number of new products, average spend on R&D and over 60 other metrics.

Data can be provided on a global scale

Pure data

Provision of pure data to consultants, enriching their offering to their own clients.

Market reporting to companies

Provision of data and market reporting to companies for in-house business development

Consultation services

Provision of data, reporting and consultation services for business development

Government reporting on sectors

Provision of data and structured reporting to governments on a variety of sectors

Profiling of new technologies/products

Universities and investors to assess the target market and/or find new market across different sectors.

Bespoke taxonomy development

where a client requires a very narrow definition of a market, existing taxonomies of data can be altered, with products/services added or removed to create specific datasets, with optional reporting

And finally, The Overall Power Of Sales (Unifying) Intelligence, here we refer to technologies, applications, and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of information to help salespeople find, monitor and understand data that provides insights into prospects’ and existing clients’ daily business. The data used in systems and  solutions is based on either internal data, behavioural data or open data. Companies use these types of intelligence software to improve the quality and quantity of sales leads by using data to find new opportunities and provide salespeople with the information they need to take advantage of them.  

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